Religious Institutions

These are churches and other faith-based organizations who use the arts and performance as one way of connecting with their communities.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

1723 W 48th St, Chicago, IL 60609
Back of the Yards

Local church that hosts concerts, events, and workshops for the neighborhood.


The Port Ministries

5013 S Hermitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60609
Back of the Yards

Inspired by St. Francis and the Franciscan Charism, the Port Ministries mission is to provide the fundamental needs of the mind, body, and spirit. The organization addresses these needs through a series of programs and services that holistically work together to serve the under-resourced and under-served residents of the local communities (Back of the Yards, Englewood, Gage Park).


Love, Faith & Hope
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1923 W 51st St, Chicago, IL 60609
Gage Park

Led by the passionate Pastor Felicia, with a background of 48 years in radio and television. The Church facilitates events year round for people of all ages in the neighborhood; Dance, Art Classes, Theatre, Stand Up Comedy, Plays. Currently the churches main events are related to the choir, voter turnout or food distribution.


Su Casa Catholic Worker

5045 S Laflin St, Chicago, IL 60609
Back of the Yards

This place has been a home and refuge for many. There are murals on the brick walls surrounding the property that change over time, while murals within the 130-year old former franciscan friary reflect the stories, experiences, and hopes of hundreds of past residents, immigrants, citizens, homeless and hopeful alike. Frieda's Place Soup Kitchen, a 28 year-old-ministry, is a place of community storytelling and storykeeping, and also is blessed with a growing collection of murals in its dining room. The apartment above the soup kitchen has been a community called Pete's Place, and is currently a place where volunteers coming to learn about this neighborhood stay for up to a week. The Breathing Room, curated by #LetUsBreathe, a BLM-affiliated artist and activist group, is the third building on campus, which actively curates political education via the arts. Finally, nearly a half acre of open space is farmed and gardened collectively by Su Casa and #LetUsBreathe in conjunction with neighbors and the broader urban agricultural community, hosting events, photoshoots, workshops, meals, conversations, and much cultural exchange.


Holy Cross Immaculate Heart of Mary

1740 W 46th St, Chicago, IL 60609
Back of the Yards

Catholic Church that offers its space for different workshops and community events around arts, music, and woodshop.


Saint Benedict the African Parish

340 W 66th St, Chicago, IL 60621

Saint Benedict the African Parish is a religious organization and church that is active in the community. The Parish commissions works of visual, musical, and theatrical art that often lead to lessons and performances.