gage Park

Kedzie - 59thCentral Park - Western Ave

In the late 19th century, Gage Park was home to a few German farmers until its annexation to Chicago in 1889.Throughout the early 20th century, Gage Park boomed in development, influenced by industrial endeavors and consequently residential growth. One of the identifying landmarks is Gage Park ( 25.14 acres), whichopened in 1903 with its  fieldhouse opening in 1926.  Gage Park was named after South Park Commissioner George W. Gage (also was the president of the Chicago White Stockings) who owned the majority of the property in the area. Up until the 1960s, Gage Park was primarily an Eastern European immigrant neighborhood. After Martin Luther King’s visit to Marquette Park, Gage Park and Marquette Park became the center  for racial integration. In 1972, Gage Park High School was integrated, and met with protest. At this time, several neighborhood groups emerged to ease racial tensions, maintain a middle class character and become racially diverse.

Currently, Gage Park is a primarily working class Latinx neighborhood. 47th as well as 55th street are the main streets where businesses and cultural activities happen. 

informal gathering spaces


W 55th St & S Fairfield Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

"The Gage Park Latinx Council, founded in 2018, started the Gage Park Mural Project last August. Beside providing art, the idea was to “give the youth an opportunity to learn skills and create works of art in Gage Park,” says Antonio Santos, 30, the group’s co-founder and executive director"

Artists & Story Keepers

Mario Mena

Resident Artist for Gage Park Latinx Council




5815 S Homan Ave, Chicago, IL 60629

Enrico Tonti Elementary School was built in 1928 in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago. About a decade ago, we added a twelve-room annex and last year we added a 4 room modular building for our full-day Kindergarten classes.

At Tonti, we have 40 classroom teachers, 5 special needs teachers, 15 bilingual Spanish speaking classroom teachers, and 13 classroom aides. As a community school, we offer Parent Training Classes in computers, literacy, nutrition, wellness, parenting, and GED classes as well as various other after school programs. Tonti's PTA, LSC, BAC, and PAC work together to fundraise to provide students with field trips and other incentives throughout the year.


Johnson College Prep is a school based in Englewood. Johnson offers general and advanced placement art course for our students. As well as numerous student clubs and enrichment opportunities for students to explore culture, self-expression, and different art forms.

Religious institutions


1923 W 51st St, Chicago, IL 60609

Led by the passionate Pastor Felicia, with a background of 48 years in radio and television. The Church facilitates events year round for people of all ages in the neighborhood; Dance, Art Classes, Theatre, Stand Up Comedy, Plays. Currently the churches main events are related to the choir, voter turnout or food distribution.




The Collective is a collection of groups dedicated to specific initiatives on the southwest side of Chicago.
Our groups meet monthly to tackle issues like development, crime and placemaking.



2711 W 51st St, Chicago, IL 60632

GPLXC is a grassroots, community based organization established in 2018 on the Southwest side of Chicago. || "We are a Queer, Latinx, Fem, DACA & Artist led organization. In 2020 GPLXC opened the first Cultural Center in Gage Park, a neighborhood of 50,000 residents that is 92% Latinx. Over half of the population of Gage Park lives at or below the poverty level and our community of essential workers has been devastated by the global pandemic. Gage Park rates number one in covid positivity rates for the entire city. In response we have opened a free Community Mercado to support families with essential items like groceries, clothing, hygiene products and baby items weekly. We have raised and distributed over $90,000 to Undocumented families and distributed thousands of pounds of food since March. We continue to offer free, culturally reflective youth programing, paid opportunities for local youth artists, and mutual aid initiatives to care for and support our Gage Park community."



5133 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

"Currently, our student programs are all offered through a multidisciplinary component under the name of RISE (Resources Invested in School Enrichment). RISE is a partnership with 7 elementary and 3 high schools, a five-year grant program from the Illinois State Board of Education and U.S. Department of Education. Through a variety of after school programming RISE Academy’s objective is to support students, parents, and community members in their academic and personal growth. Creating an involved, informed, and empowered school community is our ultimate goal."